A Rich Love Story
Impoverished of Rhyme

Years ago, I found my wife
The beginning of a whole new zest
This Midwest gal, she was the prime
Surprising and fun most all the duration

We married with me still in school
I knew my plan, I’m not some dunce
When graduated, we moved at speed
To Idaho, on potatoes to consume

Most years she’s been an artisan
I’ve always been her biggest rooter
I’ll tell you true, I’m a real straight shot:
That lucrative, my teaching job wasn’t

Funds were thin, hard to pay the lease
Squeaky lenders got the dough
In time our family size did swell
We adopted four who raised some disruption

Now empty nesters, we grow together
A common bond, birds of the same preening
Involved in church, our lives have reason
And now different jobs, a whole new stint

Life is wind; love, a shifting dune
Like new words to a familiar song
But this has gone on way overtime
Will he finish with just one alliteration?

Copyright © 2023 Richard Berndt – All Rights Reserved.

If you would
And consider my writing fair
By any means, please distribute!

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