Curated Cogitations, Page 3

I would be surprised if a massively successful public figure identified a particular motivational poster as the career catalyst.

Internal motivation is the key, unless you are filled with selfishness and ill-will, in which case, I’d recommend some good external motivation to the contrary.

With everything going on in the world today, you should never be bored. Think you are bored? Consider instead that you are undermotivated. And if me saying this makes you stew defensively, then you are no longer bored. You’re welcome.

If you are a teenager and bored, I’ll give you a pass, because your brain doesn’t work yet. Besides, saying that you are undermotivated probably wouldn’t offend you.

An uneventful car trip at 80 miles per hour on a crowded freeway and a ho-hum flight over the Rockies at 500 mph should at least get a fist bump.

Some people add things that they’ve already done to their to-do list, and then cross them off right away, for the satisfaction of it. But “• LEARN TO READ“, really?

It sure would help inspire teachers of an apparently lackluster student if they could travel to the future to have an adult conversation with the student and see what impact they ultimately had. Unless the student says, “Why did you waste your time going on about grammar when you knew about time travel?”

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