Another Quickie: Plumbing Angst and Scandal-Branding

As per last week’s post, I’m not going to put up any extensively-prepared material this week—I’m still taking a partial January hiatus. Besides, plumbing headaches both in our home and in our little Airbnb house have sucked the funny out of me. I’ll spare you the details, but I shall point out that 1) I don’t often curse, but the old toilet flange, rotted parts of the subfloor, and the clogged standpipe were all equally deserving of some choice language, and 2) I have recently frequented Home Depot more than an Irishman pulls a pint of Guinness.

Lately, there have been numerous scandals or investigations into potentially scandalous behavior. (Although this would be a true statement pretty much any day.) I mentioned one in a November post that wasn’t even about the red or the blue, but rather, “BagGate” was about a cornhole championship. In this vein, I thought I’d share a musing I had recently on the scandal-branding topic:

If a city politician were to be exposed for skimming parking proceeds from their new football stadium, the hearings would likely be labeled “TailGate.” If it was later found that the greedy public servant also got hands into the ticket proceeds, the sequel might be called “GateGate.” TV news and newspaper executives everywhere continue to be nervous that they won’t have any clever headline options if a political scandal were to primarily involve water.

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