You Aren’t Even Reading This

Gotta get through January / Gotta get through February—a repeating line in Van Morrison’s “Fire in the Belly.” Fortunately, I don’t get into a winter funk, but it does seem I am becoming more averse to getting outside in the cold.

Anyway, that’s a vague and lame lead-in to what I want to say today: I suspect that readership of my blog (as well as the number of “likes” on my weekly, cheeky FB and IG posts that link to it) is down on account of January social media fasting. All you mentally disciplined and responsible folks have been missing out, and if you do find this complaint, it may not be until February.

I’m fixin’ to take a few weeks off to sulk and protest. Of course, I’m positively swimming in an ocean of creativity—this has nothing to do with me getting thin on material. And if you believe that, thank you for your misguided positivity. It means a lot.

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