Curated Cogitations, Page 2

Your best effort is difficult to top. If you just now gave your best effort and didn’t get the desired results, your future looks bleak.

When someone states “I love my job; I’d do it for free,” be happy for this person because the first part might be true.

Do not expect exemplary customer service if you see “COMPLAINTS: TAKE A NUMBER” and the number is written with permanent marker onto a hand grenade pin. Similarly, do not hope for top-notch assistance when you read the sign, “The Deadline for Filing Your Complaint was Yesterday!”

Psychologists say that pessimism is a treatable thought disorder. I doubt, though, that insurance will cover the therapy.

Many assume that since pessimists expect the worst to happen, they also want the worst to happen. This is a myth propagated by anti-pessimist optimists, a subgroup of relationally-pessimistic optimists. This frustrates me, as I strive to be a pro-optimist pessimist.

When I go down the road of pessimism, I am often convicted by my conscience that this is not helpful. So, I tell myself, I shall instead hope that the world will change, and I will be wrong—and I immediately feel optimistic that this won’t happen. Problem solved.

If you had an improbable thing to do, but your life depended on it…you would probably die.

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