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Curated Cogitations, Page 1

I wanted to wish myself a merry Christmas but knew that doing so in the first or third person is considered weird. So, I said to my wife, “Merry Christmas to you and yours!”

Don’t give someone a hard time about taking a cookie-cutter approach if they are in fact making Christmas cookies.

Many were disgruntled when the shirtless uncle won Ugliest Christmas Sweater.

It might be a challenge for everyone to agree on a Christmas movie—and then to figure out how to stream it—but think how difficult that was when they only had plays.

Strangely, though limited to only two months of the year, there exists a massive supply and demand for eggnog. One might ascertain that its main consumers are either non-addictive personalities, or that they “have a guy” to call mid-January.

Perhaps the one-horse open sleigh option is overstated.

These days, people react aversely when I proclaim, “Jesus is the reason for the season!” But to be fair, this is an unusual thing to announce on the first day of summer.

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