292 Calories burned by 175-lb. person in 30-minute spinning class.
233 Calories burned in 30-minute CrossFit workout.
27 Calories burned (cumulative) by three skinny gals standing near the weight machine for 30 minutes looking at their phones.

2 Diabetes Type that can be prevented and managed by regular physical activity, combined with a healthy diet.
150 Minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity recommended weekly by the CDC to lower general disease risk.
23 Percent of Americans adults that do at least the 150 minutes suggested above.
Number of actual moderate-intensity exercise minutes engaged in weekly by the CDC expert who wrote up the guidelines.

10+ Miles run by average Kenyan 5th Grader during Physical Education class on “Trail Tuesdays.”
10+ Number of very hilly miles run by average Kenyan 5th Grader during said P.E. class.
10+ Number of miles run faster than me by average Kenyan 5th Grader during said class.

7,000 Steps per day suggested to significantly reduce all-cause mortality risk, according to the Journal of the American Medical Association.
10,000 Default steps per day in order for your fitness device to celebrate you, even though this doesn’t reduce mortality significantly more than 7,000 steps, according to the JAMA.
162 Steps per workday: cubicle-bound office worker (lunch break, two bathroom breaks).
814 Steps per workday: sewing-machine-bound sweatshop worker (no lunch, one bathroom break—but it’s a long walk).
2,200 Steps (actual stair-steps) per workday: wind turbine technician. According to me, this counts for at least 7,000 horizontal steps, although vertical guidelines are unspecified in the JAMA report.

30s Years of strongest sexual drive (women).
20s Years of strongest sexual drive (men).
25 Peak age (average) for physical strength.
17 Peak age (average) for severe acne.
14 Peak age (average) for experience of utter despair, both for the irrational individual and for individual’s parent(s).
7 Peak age (average) of proclivity for tantrum/meltdown.
24 Peak age (average, in months) for lung capacity and vocal cord strength (relative to size).

35-40 VO2 max (mL/kg/min) of average sedentary male. (VO2 max is a measure of the maximum amount of oxygen one’s body can utilize during exercise.)
70-75 VO2 max of elite male cyclist.
75-80 VO2 max of “female” East German 800m track champion in the late 1980s.

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  1. This is so you! Give me the info, please… lol. Peak tantrum age. I teach those ones.

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