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Urban Dictionary Submissions

The “Urban Dictionary,” the crowdsourced Internet lexicon for staying in the know, has defined for us catch words and phrases such as “binge watching” or the much less useful “potaint” (the soft and sensitive part of a potato).

It is a thorough resource, although I’m not sure why it must be “urban.” I protest: people in the country—the suburbs, even—aren’t invited to this collaboration? Accordingly, living in Twin Falls, Idaho, I don’t qualify to submit suggestions. But I do have some, so this must be my platform; if you are an Influencer or whatever, perhaps you will pass one along.

My test for these is that if they are strong, they should be self-explanatory, and I don’t find it necessary to provide definitions or to use each in a sentence. Yet I welcome your definitions for mine, to use one in a sentence, or to submit your own Urban Dictionary word or phrase candidates. You may use the Comments section of this post, and that would make it a “conversation” in today’s sense of the word.

   Hair damn
   Trash yesterday

   Software upgrate

   Re-re-reviewable play
   G.O.A.T. re-re-retirement (consequence of G.O.A.T. retire-temp or unretirement)
   Olympic meddle (works best in print, typically “earned” by a Russian)

   Checkout line remorse
   Self-check remorse (more specific version of previous)
   Walmart casual

Again, your usage in a sentence, definitions, or original submissions are welcome in the Comments.

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