Summer’s Here

In celebration of the longest day of the year (longest daylight, that is—the day itself is like others: 24 hours minus part of a millisecond), and the splendor of summer, and because I’m down to just a few in the queue, I’m not posting a humor story, musing or whatnot for the remainder of June. The above will make no sense at all to people in the Southern Hemisphere. My apologies.

Fun fact learned in my science education research about fifteen years ago: four out of five students interviewed on Ivy League School campuses did not have a basic understanding of why Earth has seasons.

Not a fun fact, but since this post doesn’t have the responsibility of being funny, I’ll go into teacher mode: The hottest day of the year, on average, lags the longest day by about three weeks. This is due to all the water on the planet; it’s a thermodynamics thing, so ask an Ivy League School student to explain if you want more details.

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  1. Absolutely! Summer’s almost here

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