Winning the Coin Toss

Some people are just lucky, but does that make them winners?

A ceremonial coin toss marks the beginning of each NFL game, and of course, one team “wins” the toss. This team often choses to “defer” for the purpose of receiving the ball in the second half.

So, correctly calling a coin flip makes you a winner? The game is just getting started, folks! Are we to think that this team’s captain out-prepared his opponent in foreseeing the outcome of random events? Yet I suppose it’s polite for officials to say “New England has won the coin toss” rather than to accurately state “New England really lucked out on today’s flip,” which might sound mean-spirited coming from an impartial official.

I chose New England as my example because strangely, it seems the Patriots usually do win the coin toss, and with all that coin toss success, they have made it popular to defer, then “double-dip” by scoring both at the end of the half and again at the start of the third quarter. The double-dip part—that’s just good coaching and clock management by the master coach, Bill Belichick. Their coin-toss record, though, is a bit more perplexing. According to a reliable source (my son Eli, who loves the game and played it like a champ), Belichick is in the Illuminati, so that somehow explains it. Bill would even win at “Go Fish” consistently, if he had time for such a banal game.

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